Sky-Vue Lodge

Family Bed and Breakfast Cabins
Backporch view of the Ozarks

             Winslow, Arkansas 72959

Historic Sky-Vue Lodge on Scenic Byway US 71. circa 1940

Sky-Vue Lodge in the early 1940's on Boston Mountains Scenic Loop


Driving Directions

Since the earliest days of automobile travel in the Boston Mountains, motorists had to drive past the front door of Sky-Vue Lodge on US 71. In 1999, I-540 opened 6 miles to the west and redirected 95 percent of the traffic away from our stretch of highway. This resulted in much more peaceful nights, but some confusion on the best route to use to get to the Lodge. Below are listed the best routes from several common locations. Our suggestion to most people on the phone is to "turn off the GPS" and follow the printed directions. For the convenience of those who really enjoy the toys, we have provided GPS coordinates and the street address in addition to the printed directions.

Street Address: 22822 N Highway 71 Winslow, AR 72929

GPS Coordinates: 35.761558,-94.115434

From the North

If you are driving in from Kansas City, Joplin, Tulsa or even the Fayetteville-Springdale area use these directions: From the interchange of US 412 and I-49 (formerly I-540/ US 71), drive south to Exit 53 (West Fork exit). Turn east (left) onto AR 170. Drive about 1-1/2 miles through West Fork to US 71. You will know you are in the correct spot when you see a flashing red light over the road. Turn south (right) onto US 71 south. Drive south 14-1/2 miles. Sky-Vue is on the east (left) side of the road. Yes, you do have to cross the Crawford County line, because even though our address is North Highway 71, we are 4 miles South of Winslow. Print directions

Eureka Springs or Branson

The fastest and easiest route to Sky-Vue is not always I-49/ I-540. If you are coming from the east on US 412 the easiest road to use is the US 71 Business route through the south edge of Fayetteville. From Hindsville, Arkansas, located on US 412 find Arkansas 45 south (really more like southwest). Drive on AR 45 south to AR 265 (Crossover Road). Turn south (left) on Crossover to AR 16 (East Huntville Rd.). Turn west (right) on AR 16. Follow AR 16 (becomes 15th St.) through Fayetteville to US 71 Business Route. Turn south (left) on 71 business. Drive south on US 71 through Greenland and West Fork. (DO NOT SPEED through these two towns!) When you see the flashing yellow light over the highway in West Fork continue south (straight) for 14-1/2 more miles. Sky-Vue is on the east (left) side of 71. Print directions

From the East

If you are driving from the Little Rock area follow I-40 west to Exit 13. Turn north (right) on US 71. Drive exactly 23 miles north. Sky-Vue is on the east (right) side of the road. Make sure you are following your odometer, as it "feels" much farther than it really is. Print directions

From the West

When driving from Dallas, Oklahoma City, Fort Smith, and Van Buren use this set of directions: From I-40 east take Exit 12 onto I-49 north (formerly I-540 north). Travel to Exit 34 (Chester exit). Turn east (left) onto AR 282. Travel approximately 1 mile to US 71. Turn north (left) onto US 71 north. Travel 8-1/2 miles. Sky-Vue is on the east (right) side of the road. Print directions

From Devil's Den

Sometimes our guests like to stop at Devil's Den State Park before arriving at Sky-Vue. From the visitor's center at DD drive east (towards Winslow) on AR 74. This is 13 miles, but it feels much farther. Trust us; as long as you know you are on AR 74 east, just keep driving until you reach US 71. Turn south (right) and drive 4 miles on US 71. You have to cross into Crawford County. Sky-Vue is on the east (left) side of US 71. Print directions

Attention: I-540 is now I-49! Arkansas Highway Department announced in early April that all sections of I-540 (except the Fort Smith stretch) would be immediately renamed I-49. Just be aware that gps software and actual road signs will take a while to catch up to this change. We are not sure at this point if the mileage posts and exit numbers will change, stay tuned if you are coming later in the summer. We will do our best to keep the page updated every couple of weeks as needed.

Link to the Arkansas Highway Department I-49 map


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