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Main Lodge Remodeling 2011

Lodge Rooms and Logging

This past year we had one main project and we currently have a logging operation happening here. Several of the photos on the page are links to higher resolution photos.

Lodge Room # 14

Over the past 10 years we have been slowly finishing the Conference Building. This is the building where all the lodge rooms are located. The latest lodge room project that we have completed we call number 14. We do not have 14 rooms all together, this one is actually our 12th unit. During the past 6 months we have been finishing this room and rented it for the first time during the Bikes Blues and BBQ Rally on the 1st of October.

During construction                                        Finished view

Front of Room # 14 during construction.                           Room number 14 finished.

Bathroom area                                              Finished Bathroom

Bathroom and closet area during construction.                          Finished vanity area in the bathroom # 14

Kitchen area                                                 Finished Kitchenette

Bath and Kitchen area during constructionn.                          Kitchenette in # 14.

Logging the Lower Forty

During the winter months this year we will be rebuilding the quarters in which we live. In order to finance the construction we are having a log cutting done on the lowest portion of our property. The woods will look a little rough for the next year or two but this will open up some trails and areas the guests have never had access to in the past. One of the most attractive spots will be the third pond which neighbor Dan Browning began managing about a year ago. This pond has been stocked recently and the fish are being fed for the first time in years. It will still take some walking to reach the pond but the fishing will be worth the work.

Third pond at Sky-Vue Lodge, stocked with bluegill, bass and catfish.

When Caleb was just three years old we had a small logging done of just Cherry and Walnut off of the Upper Forty. Here are two photos contrasting then and now.

Caleb then. Caleb now! This log was 48 feet long!

First logs being loaded.

First load of logs September 24th, 2010.

I hope you will continue to enjoy the updates as we move along.

Walking alongside, Glenn Jorgenson

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